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2019 Scar of the Sea, 'Bear Valley Ranch Newtown Pippin Cider' (375ml)

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This vintage cider is from Newtown Pippin apples sourced from Bear Valley Ranch in Aptos, California. This orchard is a special place planted in the 1940's, 50's and 60's farmed without any chemical inputs . It is barrel fermented with native yeast and then aged sur lie for 12 months. This cider is re-fermented in the bottle with a dosage from 2020 fresh juice to add carbonation, cloudiness to be expected. It is very bright, showing aromas of bubble gum, banana runts, and apples. It is light, clean, tart, dry and sparkling.

Producer: Scar of the Sea
Region: Aptos
Country: USA
Variety: Newtown Pippin
Farming: Organic