Bistro Nights

We get the question almost daily, what is bistro night?
Let us explain. 

When Mom 'n 'em originally opened, we always wanted to host people in the evening for wine, olives, cheese, food, good times, etc, etc. Bistro nights are a way of us allowing you all into our space to cozy up over a bottle of wine, dim light, have some snacks (or even dinner), and enjoy the evening. 

We currently offer bistro nights every Friday & Saturday from 5pm - 9pm at our Madisonville location. At that location we have a larger space and therefore are able to execute a beautiful menu for everyone to enjoy. 

We would love to have you in sometime to enjoy a bistro with us. 

When: Friday & Saturday Nights
Time: 5pm - 9pm
Where: Mom 'n 'em Madisonville

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What about the wood-fired grill at your Camp Washington location?

That grill gets used all the time, and let us tell you when. Mostly with private events.
We have events almost weekly for weddings, birthdays and more. We've cooked entire pigs, squids, vegetables, brick chickens and more. 
Looking to host your next event with us? Send us an email at to inquire.