Mother's Day Brunch & 3rd Year Anniversary

Celebrate our 3rd anniversary 
Mother's Day Brunch at Mom 'n 'em
(See Menu Below)
This time of the year comes around so quickly and it is always a big ball of emotion for us. Thinking about where we've come from, the humble start of this dream we had and how we made it a reality. 

May 8th we will turn 3 years old. We celebrate the years before, the years ahead and most of all I think we celebrate the passion and the love we have given this place we all call Mom 'n 'em. Not just us, but the community. The regulars, the newcomers, the guests from all over that have helped build this place as we know it. Mom 'n 'em has become a hub for all of us to feel safe, come as we are and relax. We feel like we are at home here and it was brought to you by all of us that walk in and out of the doors on a daily basis.
May 8th we also celebrate Mother's Day. A day to soak all the mother's, mother's-to-be and in my eye, all women in complete love. Celebrate their strength, their beauty and their backbone to the family. Without that womanly touch a mother gives, life is not the same. 

With all that being said :)

Join us for Brunch!

Yes, you heard that right! We are hosting BRUNCH!
Our sister location, Fausto, will be here helping us with a full spread brunch menu. The chefs & cooks will all be cooking outside on the wood-fired grill. The weather is looking like a perfect day (fingers crossed)!

We have the full details just below, and we would love it if you all could join. 
In conjunction with delicious food, we will have DJ Adam from Stoned Soul Picnic who will be serving a soulful blend of jazz, funk and reggae. 

We will also have our coffee cart parked outside to better and more quickly serve you all some of your favorite coffee around.
We will have plenty of space (given the weather hopefully cooperates) and we are serving as walk-in only. Most of you have been here, so you all know to just step up to the counter, and let our team bring everything out to you. 

Where: Mom 'n 'em Coffee (3128 Colerain Ave.)
When: May 8th, 8am - 5pm
What: Brunch, Coffee, Wine & More

Do I need a reservation?
No, you do not. Just show up, please. We will take care of you. 

Expect a ton of fun! Expect some tears and expect some sabering of Champagne at some point!!