2020 Frank Cornelissen, &

2020 Frank Cornelissen, 'Munjebel Perpetuum', Sicily, Italy

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From Frank: "The first bottlings of our Munjebel rosso classico were blends of 2 vintages which I have always liked as it gives a good idea of a larger area instead of a vintage wine. When I stopped blending vintages as of the 2012 vintage to search for more precision, I kind of missed the evolved 'old-school' style of the first wines I produced and so I decided in 2016 to produce a similar style wine again, applying the 'perpetual' method of great solera wines. The first edition will be a blend of 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2019. We will be bottling 25% of this first edition in 2021 and adding the selected wine of the 2020 vintage to fill up the tank again. Perpetuum is born!"

Producer: Frank Cornelissen
Region: Sicily
Country: Italy
Variety: Nerello Mascalese
Farming: Organic