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Ana María Donneys, 48hr Washed Anaerobic, Single Origin Coffee

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Ana Maria was born in Quindio, Colombia in 1993. Like most people, she attended university in hopes to find a great job in a city somewhere.. But she soon took over her family coffee farms in 2016 after the passing of her grandfather, Primitivo Correal Barrios. Her desire to honor his legacy by taking over the farms overshadowed any dreams she had about a life in the city. Upon taking over, she renamed the business 'Cafe Primitivo' in honor of her grandfather. Growing up she never had much of an interest in running a coffee farm, but after taking over and breaking even her first year, much of the farm employees began to respect and give her their trust! From there it was full steam ahead, and she has been producing some of the best coffee we have tasted to date! 

This caturra & castillo blend is a washed process, but after stripping the coffee of it's cherry, it received 48 hours of fermentation in cans, free of oxygen.. Technically speaking, it was fermented anaerobically!

This is a bit less intense than a typical anaerobic, but we are absolutely loving this coffee. It has some incredible floral notes, like lavender and lemon balm. The natural sweetness in the cup is breathtaking! This coffee also likes to rest.. It really starts to open up about 8-10 days after the stated roast date on the bag!