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Congratulations, Champagne Co-Ferment Single Origin
Congratulations, a single origin coffee like no other!

Congratulations, Champagne Co-Ferment Single Origin

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Finally, a coffee for those 'big moments' in life, ones that deserve a 'congrats'.. Or just a moment to treat yourself to something tasty! 

This one of a kind coffee was meticulously harvested and processed by our good friends Pablo & Elias in Tolima, Colombia... It was just a small idea that popped into our heads back in May of 2023. Why not mix the best of what Mom 'n 'em has to offer? Delicious coffees, and wine!


Let's process a coffee with champagne yeast.. We felt like mad scientists!

This coffee contains both red & yellow varietals, and has undergone a 48 hour anaerobic fermentation, and a 60 hour carbonic maceration fermentation. Both fermentations had a heapin' helpin' of inoculated champagne yeast tossed in to kick start that fermentation!

In short, this coffee is super grape forward, has an incredible sparkling aspect, and has intense sweetness! 

This coffee is exclusive to Mom 'n 'em, and is a limited release!


Coffee like you've never had before


Easily one of the best coffees I have had all year. Very excited for more of these experimental processes to continue releasing!

Austin Ferrari

Blown away by all of the fruit, depth, and pureness of this coffee. What a great experience!

Colin Shepherd