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Wake it up, Shake it up Blend Gift Subscription

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Give a friend the best morning they'll ever have with the Mom 'n 'em coffee subscription that ships nationwide.

Stone fruit, brown sugar & cacao.

Wake it up, shake it up is a big homage to our mom. Yes, mom of Mom 'n 'em!
Every morning coming into the cafe you'd here mom walk in with a big smile yelling "Wake it up, shake it up!"
Basically, she is telling let's get this party started. 

Wake it up, shake it up is our house drip coffee. It is a delicious blend of washed yirgacheffe & washed Guatemalan coffee to create this perfectly balanced cup. Delicate stone fruit, caramelized sugars, medium acidity. It's approachable, delicious, and fun.

We hope you enjoy!