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Picnics With Mom, Summer Coffee Blend

Picnics With Mom, Summer Coffee Blend

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After one sip of this coffee you'll be transported back to a simpler time. Warm summer afternoons, fresh fruit, and the smell of lavender from the garden. The warmth of the sun & the cold grass separated by an old vintage picnic basket and a cozy blanket. There's nothing quite like these memories we all have as children.

Combining two unique coffees from two exceptional farmers, this blend is truly awe inspiring. The first portion is from Jorge Correa at Finca San Juan in Caldas, Colombia. It is his 'process blend' which is a unique farm blend of more than 55% natural gesha, as well as tabi, bourbon, among other varietals. By itself, this portion check all of the boxes for us, floral, fruity, bright, and clean! 

The other portion of this coffee is from Sebastian Ramirez, a farmer who has been making huge strides in the world of co-ferments and other experimental fermentations. His farm is Finca El Placer, and is in Quindio, Colombia. The coffee used in this blend is his black honey and peach co-fermented caturra. It is fermented with wine yeast, dehydrated peaches, and fruit glucose. The result is inherently peach forward, and has an almost wine-like body. Alone it tastes like drinking a cup of peach tea! Incredible!

When combining these two coffees, you get something that tastes absolutely otherworldly. It is light, delicate, but has intense peach notes, as well as this overarching hibiscus like acidity, followed by a clean finish that envelopes your palate with gentle honeysuckle sweetness. 

This is our first seasonal blend; we hope you have a chance to try it out, and share it with great company. This coffee loves to rest.. Please give it about 6 days of time (after roast date) to rest before brewing. ❣️



A coffee for those special moments